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Good Morning

Another new day awaits, I’m not really sure yet at this point what it’s waiting for but it’s there. So, good morning readers, hope you are all having a pleasant start to your day.

Today’s plans are just a bit of spring cleaning and a light workout later in the afternoon. I’ll keep you posted!



Tonight I will be able to rest comfortably with the knowledge that today was a successful day. I didn’t win a million dollars, I didn’t save the world, but I set a list of goals for myself today and have seen each one through to completion.

1. This blog was created.

2. I expanded people’s knowledge on people whom I greatly admire.

3. Completed my workout.

4. Learned the first few moves from the Siu Lim Tao.

5. Cleaned up around the house.

6. Read chapter 1 of The State and Revolution

7. Started working on a new graphic design. To see any previous designs I’ve made follow this link.



Stand up against war and racism!!


Wing Chun

In my previous post, “Hello World” I stated that I would be practicing the Siu Lim Tao routine from Wing Chun. Now I realize that many of you may not know what Wing Chun is.

Wing Chun is a form of martial arts originating in China, which is focused on fast strikes and grappling in close range combat. Now according to the late Sifu Yip Man, Wing Chun originated during the time of Emperor Kangxi who reigned between 1662 – 1722. According to this legend, during a Qing invasion, and Abbess Ng Mui fled from the Fujian Shaolin Monastery into the Daliang mountains. During her journey she encountered a battle between a crane and a snake. Having been a student of Shaolin Kung Fu she carefully observed the battle between the two animals, and combined knowledge she had gained from the battle with her knowledge in Kung Fu to create a new style of kung fu.

Ng Mui frequented a local tofu shop owned by Yim Yee who had a daughter named Yim Wing Chun. There was a warlord who was trying to force Wing Chun’s hand in marriage, although she loved another. According to the legend the warlord issued an ultimatum, he gave her a year to train and if she could beat him in hand to hand combat she would be free from marrying him. Ng Mui taught Wing Chun the new style that she had developed and she used it to fight off the warlord and attain her freedom to marry as she pleased. She later married the man she loved and together they passed the art down to the next generations.

Eventually the art was taught to a 13 year old boy named Yip Man, who eventually grew up to become the first Wing Chun master to teach openly in Hong Kong, and who taught the legendary Bruce Lee.

To learn more I’d suggest watching all the Ip Man movies, and a movie called Bruce Lee My Brother.



Bruce Lee My Brother

Hello world!

I’d like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Gerald, currently I work as a cashier at a local convenience store, although I don’t plan on remaining in that position for very long.

My goal with this blog is to try out adding different routines to my lifestyle for 90 day periods. The reason the blog is currently titled “coming soon” isn’t because I don’t intend to start right away, but rather because it’s going to take a few weeks to save up money for different methods that I’ll be trying. The money will be going towards dumbbells, a pullup bar, a yoga mat, and a few other pieces of training equipment to attempt one of my 90 day life-changing experiments.

I’m going to be completely honest, my biggest problem right now with accomplishing my goals is probably a lack of motivation. Either that or just a lack of get up and go, laziness and an endless cycle of procrastination. That being said I am hoping that through the use of this blog I can change myself for the better, and maybe in the process, those of you who are reading this may just be able to break through any similar personal set backs.

This all being said, while I am working out tonight, I do not count this as a part of the 90 day cycle, since I don’t have a camera yet to take the before picture. If you’re curious about my workout, I’m doing a simple Kempo routine, 100 pushups, 150 situps, 30 pull ups, and the Siu Lim Tao form from Wing Chun.